Hartford Has Talent

Press Release

April, 6 2014

Hartford Has Talent

Capital Community College, Hartford, CT

In partnership with Capital Community College and M.A.L.E.S. (Developing young men to be leaders) of Hartford, the United Village Foundation held a community event to expo the talent of our young artists.

Our youth’s health is a concern for the entire community. Each year we strive to raise funds through our talent show to support our Artists. Young people need a strong support group for their talent and understand that adults care about them and their art. Our communal families are committing to help your artists to development healthy lifestyles. We have supported our artists in an environment where everyone is embracing and demonstrating caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The UVF has been and still is an example of hope for the youth, teens, adults, seniors and families as a whole. With this feeling of love, young artists have increased their creativity in their community and to become positive leaders.


Artist Spotlight

Press Release: Artist Spotlight

June 26, 2014

Artist Spotlight – Celebrating the artists and participants of the talent show.

Capital Community College, Hartford, CT –

Sponsored by Capital Community College, this event brought together the artists, judges, sponsors, and other behind the scene staff to network and celebrate the success of the event.Group

Cultural Jingle

Press Release: Cultural Jingle

December 21, 2013

Cultural Jingle: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Wilson-Grey YMCA, Hartford, CT

In partnership with the Wilson-Grey YMCA of Hartford, the United Village Foundation held a holiday event celebrating culture and diversity. Individuals and organizations came out to explain holidays such as Hanukah, Three Kings, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. Performances included, Hartford’s Proud Drill Team, Cultural Dance Troop, Alli Marie, Caribbean Dance Troop, and local kids from the community.




Youth Celebration

Press Release : Youth Celebration

May 5, 2012

Youth Celebration – Celebration our talented youth

The University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT

Sponsored by the University of Hartford, the United Village Foundation (UVF) presents Youth Celebration. The United Village Foundation celebrated our youth and young adults by providing health environment where artists had the opportunity and first time experience of showcasing their gifts and talents at a University. We had a special guest speaker Henry Matthews and Master of Ceremony Self-Suffice who helped increased the youth understanding about what it means to become positive leaders in their community.


Youth Leader