You’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of being a part of the Future Team. Now you can help current UVF Future Team on their pathway to bridging the educational and literacy gaps in your church, school, college, a community organization of your choice.


  • Organize school skits and plays/slam poetry event
  • Organize an open mic night (stand-up comedy, poetry, etc.)
  • Organize school talent auditions
  • Organize Community Events and talent show
  • Create an awareness arts picture/video /magazine at your school. Students can                  showcase their talent and be inspired.
  • Gain professional opportunities and networking skill
  • Being a part of something greater than self
  • Fill out the online registration form to learn more about professional mentoring a UVF Future Team


Do you believe in the power of team effort? Do you want to make an impact in the lives of hundreds of students in Greater Hartford? Then, join this fast-growing community organization inspired grassroots program in Hartford to help us fulfill our mission to continue, “bridging the educational and generational gap.”

Through UVF, you engaged in Leadership and Service projects, developing your leadership skills and helping your community by bridging the literacy gap. Don’t stop now! Leadership is a quality that will help you throughout your life, and addressing problems in your community through service can improve the lives of many – including you. Volunteering can help you:


• Gain work experience
• Build your résumé
• Share your talents with your community
• Improve your confidence
• Meet new people
• Learn new skills
• Make important networking contacts

• Educational outreach
• Developing fundraising actives
• Event planning/fundraising