The Team Project

The purpose of the TEAM Project is to provide a platform for select students to collaboratively produce art-based enrichment activities while developing practical leadership, communication, time mangement, conflict resolution, project management, critical thinking, and team-building skillsets.

Roles of a Team Leader

  • Who is a Team Leader?

    • Identifying the Significance of Team Leader
    • Core Practices of a Team Leader
    • Building Trust with your supporters
    • Levels of Team Leader.
  • Communication (Listen, Answering, and Questioning) Skills

    • 3 types of Communication
    • Communication methods
    • The Practical Standard
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

    • Recognizing the Difficult Behaviors
    • Overcoming such Behaviors

  • Performing Project Activities as Team leaders

    • Levels of an action for project activities
    • Team guides’ Role in an Activity

  • Reflections and Debriefing Skills

    • Procedure of Reflections
    • The TEAM Way of  interviewing and Debriefing
    • How to get Constructive Feedback


Connecting, Learning, Sharing Ideas, and Spreading Creativity

Overview  Community Talent Expo (CTE) is a collaborative effort of community organizations, businesses, art contributors, funders and other supports working together in an organized and cohesive way to promote and deliver quality education and entertainment